Sex Ed in Color

10: Digi-volving Sextech with SX NOIR

Episode Summary

In this episode, I'm chatting with SX NOIR. We're tackling digisexuality, sextech, activism, and why YOU need to take up space.

Episode Notes

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Music by: EyeLoveBrandon


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Mentioned In This Episode:

Future of Sex Hackathon

Ashley Judd protest

New York Times article on sex robots and digisexuality, January 2019

Tumblr's response to SESTA/FOSTA

People Mentioned

Bryony Cole

Gabrielle Alexa

Killer and the Sweet Thang

Polly Rodriguez, founder of Unbound Babes

Mal Harrison, Founder at Center for Erotic Intelligence

Talk TabĂș

Ceyanne Doroshow, Founder of GLITZ, Author, Activist, Advocate

Gizelle Marie, Founder of New York Stripper Strike, Stripper, Activist

Liara Roux, Founder of, Comic Artist, Porn Star, Activist, Coder

Private Packs by Suzanne Sinatr

Kyla Brown, creator of Underthings Shop

Wildflower Sex